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Wisycom MTP60

Mattias Larsen

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So it finally came. 


1st impressions, it feels nice , not that big as some people said it would be. a bit heavy but the kind of heavy that makes you, as the owner, secure. it's not a big deal for the talent, I hope I wont get into divas, but im mostly on doc gigs.. it's well built with rounded corners it will make concealing a bit more easy I presume....


It is supplied with 4 antennas (lemo 1 pin) at different frequencies.

the menuing is clear, the OLED screen is comfortable, much more visible and readable than the old MTP40, the navigation is pleasant and well done.


I haven't had a chance to test it in the field yet but I will make further observations once my next corporate shoot is over (will have my trusty lectros around just to be sure because new stuff is always scary but i feel confident)


I am right now testing the battery life with nimh IKEA LADDA rechargeable batteries. 


You can swap the battery time display between percentage or time remaining, for now I have tested with time remaining and am monitoring to see how accurate it is.

I had a bit of trouble opening the battery compartment, but once you get the hang of it it's ok. definitely need to brief your boom op or asisstant before shooting so they can practice on it because you can loose a fair amount of time sorting this out the 1st time. wich is a good thing on the other side, talents will not be able to mess with it easily.


once the battery door unlocked you can see a usb c port, and a mini sd card port. my next test will be to do a continuous recording with TC and the RF power at 100 mW to see how long it takes the nimh battery to drain, and if the audio file is safe when it shuts down du to loss of power.


if you have any questions i will try to reply to them. 


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Wonderful! Looking forward to your field test, hope to get hands on mine soon too. I am curious to see how well the recorded 32bit float(?) files perform as well.


I hope that autopick as well as remote TC jam gets nailed down soon. Sounds like the app for remote capabilities such as frequency, gain and recording are just weeks away according to Leslies Instagram.



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Seems there's issues with battery telemetry now; showing ''depleted'' batts that are not and different percentages from full batts. 

Apparently, the Bluetooth app's coming soon though 👍




how did it go with battery times and about files if recording is interrupted ? 

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I have only used them 3 days in the field so far. What has surprised me a bit has been "bleed" from tx to multiple rx channels if they are tuned tight and the corresponding channels TX is not on. If the corresponding TX is on but muted, there is no bleed from other channels, so its probably not much of an issue in practice if everything is up and running. Seems as my unit wasnt loaded with all freq charts, so might be better once I have looked into that.


The somewhat heavy MTP60 is a lot less intrusive than I thought it would be. Had interviewees two days in a row that forgot they were wearing a mic, so it cant be that bad in normal circumstances in lets say docu work, but may be a challenge for some outfits in narrative filmmaking.


The guide for the app is out, so it should be fairly close. Appearently TC is still a bit off in latest FW, so I havent updated yet. Been very stable radio link on 20mw so far. Only dropout I have had was when talent went to a break two houses apart, and only ever so slightly.


It will be dope when all the bells and whistles come together, but until then, it does the fundamentals really good.

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Just started testing the new BT app for the 60. Ok, very early/first impression - holy crap!! Instantly paired with my MYP60s, individual control over almost every function! Best features:
- Name transmitter (talent name)
- watch level and set gain
- Turn TX power on/off
- Turn Rec on/off (change scene/takes as well)
- Mute/Unmute
- Global (all TX) Mute/Rec/Tx Pwr toggles

So far... impressed!


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So just FYI. I ran the MTP60 at max gain settings and screamed into a DPA4060. Sounded horrible on the recording of course, but it was indeed 32 bit float (float was not advised in the manual, so had to give it a try that it was not just a gimmick as with rode) and it was possible to pull down the gain in post, so that is a bit of a safety net if talents get super loud and we mess up the levels at our recorder we can in worst case pull the cards.



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