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Modded g3 to sma splitter ground hum


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So the idea is to connect the modded g3 receivers (sma mod) to psc multi rf splitter. When connecting i get a huge ground loop noise. The splitter is connected by dtap to a bp-u battery along with mixpre 10 II and sennheiser ek3241. I don't get any noise in the ek3241. Only g3s. Only solution is to connect the psc splitter to different battery but that means two batteries. I tried grounding the g3 to d-tap and also using a groumd-lifted cable. No difference. Any ideas? 

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Heya! I have a similair issue (with the Leicozic clone of the PSC splitter). I thought it was just since it was a cheap copy and maybe poorly designed. 


I was running the modded G3 recievers on their own battery and the hum only appeared when the mixpre 10 and distro shared the same battery or ground.


So everything worked fine when on a separate battery as you say. To add to the troubleshoot, I can mention that I also had a UCR411A that worked fine when it was on the same battery as the distro, but the hum appeared when its antennaports were connected to the distro, but used the battery shared with the mixpre.


Was a while since I did any testing, but I think ut is some sort of unfortunate combination of the distro and mixpre10t. I am not super knowledgeable, but maybe something Iike this could help us somehow?



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I'm really glad I stumbled upon this thread. I just completed my SMA mod on my 100 and 500 series receivers, and after spotting this thread, tested it, and found the same results!


500 Series presents no problem, but the 100 Series does cause a ground hum when connected to the PSC splitter!


The 500 series units are balanced, but the 100 series are not. I strongly suspect it's to do with that, so if anyone knows how to make the 100 series send out a balanced signal, then that would be the solution I think!


That's just my two cents!

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I do not think it's possible to change unbalanced to balanced in the 100 series. I would try an IL-19 in the audio output cable. The IL-19 is 1:1 ISO transformer that also ISOs ground). If it does not work, the IL-19s are good to have and a life saver if you patch into others gear... I never leave home w/o them.

You can purchase IL-19s from Markertek.com who's parent company, acquired Sescom.

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