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Lectro Controller - Mobile App For Managing Lectrosonics Devices


Message added by Jeff Wexler,

This post would be more appropriate as Press Release and it really feels like a promotional advertisement. I had to move it from the Current section to Manufacturers & Dealers, a slightly better fit but still questionable.


Regards,  Jeff Wexler  --  JWSOUNDGROUP

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Dear Lectrosonics users,
We are introducing "Lectro Controller", a new mobile app for managing your Lectrosonics devices.



With this app you will be able to:

  • Set up your transmitters using dweedle tones.
  • Connect to your DSQD,Venue2 or M2T over a network.
  • RF Scanning (while connected to your receiver)
  • Frequency coordination.

And many more to come!

It is available for both Android and iOS: 


Adapted for mobiles and tablets.


Contact email: lectro-controller@coelaudio.com

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20 hours ago, RunAndGun said:

Any plans (or ability) to make it work with the 822 or something like an RF Explorer?  I've been wondering why we haven't had a mobile app that could scan RF and handle freq. coord to avoid intermod.

You can already connect it to your DSQD or Venue2, perform a scan and use the frequency coordination to avoid intermodulation. That's already integrated with the app.  Connecting to the 822 would be possible (not planned atm) only with the android version as iOS does not allow Serial Usb connection.

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