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Block 944 transmitter to IFBlue


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The IFBlue works with any Lectro IFB Tx. And any Lectro hybrid Tx set to IFB mode. Sound quality is better that R1a to my ears (and the boom ops I’ve had use them, all seem to agree).


Now, as far as I understand, there are some overlapping frequencies in the 941 and the 944 bands, so technically it should work.
- But…. I think the IFBlue is only available in A1 and B1 so far(?) Even the B1 seem to be back ordered. Maybe someone at Lectro would be able to answer all of this better.

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From lunchtime chats with Gordon (Lectro Pres), I understand we have received recent IFBlue shipments that catch us up on most backorders. Further, we are going to receive enough units in the next few days that will allow us to even put units on the shelf. The current global semiconductor supply chain shortages due to fires and Covid are playing Hell with delivery schedules. The positive way to look at it, is that the Black Plague was worse.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher 

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We have shipped IFBlue receivers in the A1, B1, C1 and 941 bands. Currently, A1, C1 and 941 units are in stock at the HQ (this changes daily, however). And, we have another batch in the works, likely available in late January. 


The 941 units are compatible with the IFBT4-944 transmitters, although those transmitters offer 8 MHz of tuning range (944-952 MHz) while the IFBlue 941 receivers have a 19 MHz tuning range (941-960 MHz). As long as the transmitter & receivers are on the same frequency, they will work - no pilot tone compat problems in IFB mode. 

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