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Media (card, not track/file) naming standards?


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I did a bit of googling but didn’t see much in the way discussion surrounding this.. 


I’m wondering if anyone has any particular media naming standards they like?


Default SD media naming: “[device] SD[slot #]” which breaks down the second you format a second card in the same slot… now there are duplicate card names.


My initial naming standard (for the volume name):

[card Letter A-Z] [size in gb] SD[slot #]


Labelled on cards is the Letter and SD# - since the size is preprinted on the label….


In my case I’m overloading the card Letter slightly, and the A-F range is allocated to 256gb cards, G-L is allocated to 64gb cards - mostly so they fit into the little pelican media case..


I’m open to both critique and better ideas :) 


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  • thesound changed the title to Media (card, not track/file) naming standards?

we may be working in different areas of the industry. but i just format the card in my 8 series and use the default name - Scorpio SD2 for example.
as i create a new folder for each shoot day, and every file has its own unique name for the job, i've figured that is fine. and in as many years as ive been recording to hard disk recorders, i've never had an issue involving the name of the card i've handed over for rushes.

for my last two jobs, i've put a little label (RM 1, RM 2 etc) on each card i am using, which also helps with rotating through the cards and so that returned cards don't get used for a few days - just in case. but thats as far as i've gone for that kind of thing.

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