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Robust figure 8 for mid/side setups

Erin Bliss

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I ended up with an MKH30 so I could match it with my other MKHs.  I'm happy with it.  My only complaint is the weight; it's pretty heavy on the end of a boom.  I found precious few options for figure 8 when I did my research originally, but that isn't to say there aren't others out there.

I also had several recommendations from other mixers for integrated MS mics, (e.g. MKH418), which surprised me, because I'd assumed two independent mics would work better.  I also used an Audio Technica AT835ST back in the day, which didn't impress me (it sounded thin).  I believe it has been superceded by the BP4029 now.

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What are you recording?  If you are recording M/S ambience for film, I think the 308 would be a great choice.  Much lighter weight than the MKH30 on the end of a pole.


If you are recording/also recording music, go for the MKH pair.


Save for two Schoeps Mk8, I don't have any other figure-of-eight mics but a pair of MKH80s which don't "M/S" very well being side address.  If I need a matched pair for M/S, Schoeps works fine.  Remember though that I am only recording music these days and M/S is not my preferred method for doing that.  So it's rare I pull out a figure-of eight; maybe occasionally a Tony Faulkner array with two Schoeps Mk8 about 8" apart on a bar pointing straight forward if I need some "reach" to an ensemble.  Sorta sorry I sold the MKH30 though.  Lovely mics.



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If in rough terrain where I'm running around with a boom a lot and need to record stereo I use the Sanken CSS 5 . This gives me a good stereo pickup for ambience that can also be used for dialogue, if needed, as its switchable but I will also swap out my CMIT for regular interviews and dialogue. This gives me the ability to deal with only 1 mic set up for stereo and an easy quick change to a mono mic when desired.

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On 1/10/2022 at 2:49 PM, tourtelot said:

What are you recording? 

Stereo recording is typically either music (for which I'll use the Schoeps pair) or ambience.  I hadn't really considered an all-in-one, but the MKH-418S sounds pretty appealing.  I'll pick one up and see how that works for me.

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