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IKm looking for real life report about Sounddevices A20 mini and A10RX

Csaba Major

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Hi Csaba Major


I have recently purchased 2 x A20 Mini units and the A10-RX for my SL-2 and SD 833.

I'm using a generic Sony NP-BX1 battery with the same specs (about 4Hrs run time with record at 10mW ) where it's possible you have the ability to add a small/large battery bank into the A 20 which will increase your run time by ... That of course is not always practical .  

I use Lectrosonics SMWB's with Eneloop Pro AA's and have managed to get close to 8 hours out of a unit, so I know the A 20's will take some getting used to. But as long as they make it to lunchtime...

I am running DPA 4060's and 6060's with the A 20's. I know this site isn't a fan of superlatives, so I'll just say that they sound like a wired mic... nice.

The app works well enough with a lot of options, I'm sure there will be improvements though.

The gain control is immediate through the 833 and SL-2.

So far I have no regrets adding 2 x digital Tx's to my kit.

I hope this helps.



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Shane Munro, do you actually make it to lunch?


Is 10mw Ok for most use range wise? I was thinking 20mW is most suitable for range when the tx's is close to skin.


What is your runtime when running in mid at 20mW without recording? 2h50-3h?

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ive had my A20 since as soon as they were shipping.
range at 10mw (normal) has been about the same as my A10 at 20mw (med)
according to the manual, there isnt a significant change in run time between 10 and 20mw on the A20. 1mw supposedly has longer run time, but who is going to set their tx to 1mw?

get the Sony BX1. i tried a few other equivalent batteries, some claiming higher capacities, and none of them got within half an hour of the Sonys. i have no intention of testing with AAA batteries.

tx power is less important than antennas. get a good rf distro too, preferably with some filtering, especially if you are using in a bag with IEM tx. i use an audio wireless DADM 226-DT.

if you are working on dramas, you can make the batteries last until lunch, as you'll have opportunity to power down the transmitters in between setups. otherwise expect about 4 hours with the Sony batteries.

have the gain controlled at the receiver is fantastic. as is the option to record in 32bit.
another nice feature is that you can name the tx via the app, and the name appears at the receiver.

i am very happy with mine. costume dept love them too.

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Great info @rich. Do you actually use the app to turn them off? Never forgot to turned them back on in a rush?


I am scared of that so i would probably leave them on all the time. You get 4h with 10mW then?


But you say that it's fine for you most of the time right?


I don't see how 10mW on the A20 would match 20mW cause they are both digital though.



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i only use the app to turn them off. otherwise id have to keep getting to the transmitter, and that wuoldnt go down well with anyone wearing it.

yes. i have forgotten to turn them back on. of course. but not often. though often, I'll leave the transmitters on, and change the batteries sooner. 

when i did some runtime tests to see how different batteries compared, i got between 3:50 and 4 hours from the sonys. none of the other batteries i tried got past 3:30. lithium AAs will last longer, but i have no intention of using disposable batteries if at all possible.


but battery life has been fine for what i need. if you need longer runtimes, wait until the updated A10 which will inevitably come (i have no information on this, but it seems obvious to me that it will come)

i havent done any range tests to compare the A10 and A20 or different output powers. 
when i first got the A20 i used them at 10mw, and range was what i would have expected to have been getting from the A10s.

the difference in range between 10 and 20mw i would expect to be a few metres. more power is often not the answer. good antennas, and getting them closer will work better. assuming you are able to work like that.

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No. I haven’t because the situation hasn’t come up. 
maybe next time I am doing some car scenes and I need the plant mics to go all day I might. 
but I doubt I’ll be needing to / able to use a power bank in a situation where I have the transmitter on an actor. 

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