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anyone use Mid Atlantic drawers on their cart?

larry long

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Or any style rackmount drawers for that matter?

I need to better organize my cart. Do you use the drawer dividers? tupperware style containers w/o lids? Any suggestions?


I have used Mid-Atlantic rack mountable products including the drawers on most all of my sound carts. They are very good but very heavy. Recently David Waelder pointed me in the direction of similar rack mount drawers but in ALUMINUM, not steel. I am using 2 of them now on the follow cart and I expect to replace the 2 on my main sound cart vert soon. Thanks to David, here's the link:


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Guest tourtelot

My cart is basically built around a 12U SKB rack with four Middle Atlantic drawers.  The only one that has anything other than carpet in the bottom is a 2U top drawer that is my office.  It has a pens and pencil organizer in it. They are great; be sure and loc-tite the nuts and bolts before you insatall them or they tend to vibrate apart.  Hasn't been an issue for me but some say.  They are a bit heavy; there is a web-site that offers their version of drawers in a lightweight style, but I have not had any experience: http://www.starcase.com/rackmountoptions.asp#DRAWERS


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All this talk of carts has given me an idea. How about a spot on this discussion board for photos of peoples sound carts ?

I had made the suggestion earlier regarding Sound Carts and equipment setups and that is one of the reasons for the section called Images of Interest. I think everyone would welcome Sound Cart pictures posted there and we'll see if maybe some more categorization will be needed. For now, I would just post any images you want right there.

Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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I also like to look at other peoples carts (actually I have a little collection on my computer...), we all solve problems differently and I steal and improve ideas wildely as I try to create the perfect cart (as if that would be possible...), and if I see somebody else copying me, well that is a sucess! I'll try to get a shot of mine up and feel free to copy or comment.

Oscar Lovnér

Sound Image

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