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8 series Cedar workflow


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Pertaining to corporate and doc work(haven't done film in a while): AS most of my clients don't know what cedar is, nor do they have post that are aware of the new software, I'm trying to figure out a standard of how to use the new technology. Currently I've set up a bus with processing called "processed audio", or I've added the plugin to the master buss two both channels. Any thoughts on what a "standard" could be? I understand if post made this request, but at the moment I've not yet had one. 

Is there any reason other than client knowledge why we should be still recording a stereo master track? Say a two person on cam interview, With the 8 series we can make two mixes one lavs, the other booms, each with their individual compression, automix, and cedar. I'm not trying to put post people out of work, but many gigs I work on I know the client is editing in house. 

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