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Windscreen: sennheiser mkh 8050 with cinela Minix


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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a 8050 with a cinela minix so I could have a very short and light mic when shooting indoors. Usefull too in case of a very low ceiling.

The windscreen supplied with the 8050 is not effective enough when moving the boom, a lot of wind is hitting the capsule when booming from one person to the other.

Cinela and sennheiser don't provide any protection for that set up.

I am looking around and I see 2 options, though probably not optimal: the rycote baseball (in 19/20mm diameter) and the schoeps b5d (1mm in diameter too big but there might be someting to do about that...)

Do you guys have any idea(s)?

The idea is to keep it small (I have a cosi already).


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Keep in mind that the MKH8000Series has wind sensitivity not only at the capsule/interference slits but also on the XLR side. It took me quite some trys and money to find something to put on my 8060, foams, 3Dtex, hairy stuff, all not with much of a difference until I read this thread. I have only quickly tested the handlebar grip trick what seemed to make a difference (but I over bent my lyres doing so 🤨 ). Anyhow, it may not be the question what you put over the top of your mic, but around its body. So you might end up with something like a Cosi or nano shield.


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7 hours ago, henrimic said:

The 8050 is thinner than the Schoeps (but indeed not the 50).


With a ring of tape around the mike, the BD5 will fit perfectly.


I did it several times in the past,

Thanks, Henri. I was of course thinking of the 50. But your idea of the tape to match diameter is a good one. The B5D with its air space is really very good with the Schoeps mics for interior booming - really transparent, but the issues Daniel mentions would lead me towards a Cosi or Nano shield.

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I'd experiment with electrician tape or Bostik Prestik between the bending proection and the cable like Arcminute did. if Bostik works, I'd replace it with Sugu in the long run. If it has no effect, I'd try to contact my dealer or Cinela.

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