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Advice on Moving to Berlin?

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Hi everyone, just putting some preliminary feelers out, since this community is such a wonderful resource -- 


I'm currently a full-time nonunion production sound mixer & post sound designer for indie films & commercials in NYC. But I have toyed with the idea of moving to Berlin since studying there a few years ago. It's looking like I have a longterm, part-time remote position doing sound design for a video game which would pay basic cost of living. And I also have many friends who still live in Berlin, mainly working in the music/art/tech worlds -- it would be relatively easy to get a visa and find more work in those areas, if I wanted to.


However, I do quite enjoy film production work, and it would be a shame to completely give it up. So, I'm wondering if anyone on this board has familiarity with the production/post sound scene in Berlin -- if any productions are conducted in English, if there are any resources or international production companies I should look into? Or if anyone on here could eventually use an experienced English-speaking utility, boom op, or junior sound designer, feel free to reach out.


Thanks, let me know :)


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Heya Ian!


Whilst there is still quite some international production here (especially after Brexit). The slice of the market is a bit smaller for English speaking content, but even with some basic German you can also do more than that. To network there are plenty of student films to work on from DFFB, MET, Babelsberg, Catalyst, Art on the run, Filmarche etc, but the pay there is merely symbolic if at all, but can be a way to get to know upcoming filmmakers that don't already have their crew.


There is also crew-united.de as well as a few facebook groups "International filmmakers in Berlin" being the biggest, for applying to projects. There are networking events in Kinoloop and Space Medusa. 


Everyone's journey is different, but imagine it is quite a lot of hard work to get to a comfortable level. So its amazing if you can keep that sound design gig remotely. Majority of my good gigs comes from recomendations or reoccurring clients, so it's all about connections and well performed work in the end.


Also, the housing prices have gone up insanely the last two years or so.

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