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Boom Pole Quick Release for Heavy Microphones


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You could try using a 3/8 thread female to Panamic quick release adapter (picture attached), then the Panamic quick release stud.

Audio Services in  Toronto would have the adapter, or maybe another of the usual suspects will have one ...

This of course is not needed if you have a Panamic boom with its  stud attachment. no wiggle.


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I have something like eight of the Ambient sets, added to over many years, and don't have issues with jamming, sluggishness, or damaging threads. I find the key is how one uses them.


Don't slam them closed but guide them shut, then give a bit more twist to make sure they're fully seated.


As far as damaging threads, you don't need to crank the Allen screw very tight -- just enough to secure it. Unless the boom pole threads are extremely soft it shouldn't flatten them enough to be an issue. 


Mine are on various K-Tek and vDB poles, along with some other mounts such as antennas, etc. 


If I were to want something different I would also recommend the SGS ones. 

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Never had any problem ever with the Ambient quick locks.   Don’t care at all about the threads because everything that goes on works with the quick lock. That said, I have removed the quick lock receptacle and had no issue with the threads, except they’re a tad tighter.  Which is a good thing at the end of a boom pole!


Dan Izen

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