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Nagra 3 - 1960/1961 help!


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Hi ,

I've found this website and start read as much as I can!!

There are professional users here and you help is really precious.



I bought a Nagra 3 recently ( I was looking for it from many years..).


It is nearly perfect for what concern the body, it looks like new, this is incredible for a 60 years old piece... and inside seems to be never repaired.

All the Red paint is in place.


New batteries are now inside.

The motor run as it should!

4 speeds

Rewind is ok, fast forward too.


It plays but the sound is not so loud from the central speaker ...


I tried to record putting a bass on the Cannon /Mic input.


It records and in test mode I can see moving the Modulometer, and hear the sound from the Line output connected on the right.


But there is many noise !

I cannot understand if the line out has problem or I' m doing some mess with banana and jack cables....


I believe is not a cable problem anyway..


What you suggest?!


In test mode there must be no noise at all I suppose.


Many thanks to who want to help me.












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After One day ...


Still operate but now ...it no record..!


In test and rec mode the input is clearly visible by the Modulometer, I can hear the sound from my inputs,  but it doesn't rec on the reel.


During record and monitoring with phones I can hear the music previously recorded on the reel.


Cannot understand why that happen..


Seems that erase head and record head are not working now.


I only have cleaned the switch contacts inside and cleaned the outside.


I'm powering with batteries.


So sad


I don't even found any contact here in Europe to ask for repair

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