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DC power plug - 2.1mm/5.5mm with 12mm barrell length


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Hello all,


I have been trawling through component websites looking for a DC power plug with the following dimensions;


2.1mm inner diameter

5.5mm outer

12mm barrell length (mating depth)


I only seem to be able to find 2 on the internet. The switchcraft is good but quite expensive, and I have no need for the locking ring. The tensility is a bit rubbish.





Does anyone happen to have any links for such a thing?


Thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, rich said:

i use these


cut the female end off at the length of your choice and put your chosen connector on. 


Thanks for the link, are the barrells 12mm long? These cables don't seem to have a proper data sheet.


There are a few scenarios where a replacement connector is the only solution - i.e. replacing the connector on a power supply



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i just measured them and the barrels are 12mm long.

ive never been happy with the power connectors that you were looking for initially. the cable clamp never feels particularly effective, or cuts into the outer coat of the wire, which is never good for a power connection.

if its for a power supply, an option might be to fit a 4 pin XLR to the power supply, then make a 4 pin XLR to the cable i linked to.

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