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30 FPS to 29.98DF Video Converter

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I'm working on a show with two tiny Marshall car cameras that only output 30fps despite the show being 29.98DF. Does anyone know of an inexpensive, portable video converter to do this? I realize this is not a sound issue but I'm trying to help camera out (and want to make sure my files sync properly). Maybe something like one of those small Blackmagic converters?

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Leave it and let post deal with it. It's a slow down, NOT a standards conversion.
Avid MC can do it straight out of the box, so can a lot of other NLE's.
DF / NDF has nothing to do with the 30 slow down to 29.97 btw...



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12 minutes ago, tourtelot said:

not filming for live broadcast

For live broadast it makes no difference at all.
DF is intended to know HOW LONG a show is.
A show starting at (first frame 01:00:00:00) and last visible frame (Note NOT tc Out) at 02:00:00:00 in NDF (mark the absence of semi-colon) 29.97 or 23.976 is NOT an hour long, but 0.1% shorter. That makes planning  / timetables difficult, hence DF.

Thus, masters at 23.976 . 29.97 are expected to have DF tc.
(In a way 24 and 25 are also DF, as the TC follows the 'time on the wall'.)



17 hours ago, Trey LaCroix said:

(and want to make sure my files sync properly).

On a side note:
(Keep in mind I'm an Avid picture editor.)
You can choose between dropping app. 1 frame every minute (hickup in the video), or live with going out sync slowly.
Now, no clue what kind of show you are doing, but most of the time 'action' cams 'dash cams' are used as FX shots, close to never longer than 30 seconds.
Getting out of sync is no issue for such a short shot, but syncing IS.
My QTchange can help 'a bit' with that (I've added something for drone shots, to convert file creation time to NDF, could do about the same.)


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