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Miked drones are closing in!


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14 hours ago, TVPostSound said:

Pretty poor noise reduction going on there, sounds like early Protools DiNR watery algorithm.


Huh. I had a different take. Considering how noisy drones are and that the noise reduction was pretty much real time, I thought the noise reduction was pretty impressive. Sure the dialog didn't sound great, but it was fairly clear. And as a device for search & rescue (which is one of the described uses), perhaps it could be useful. 

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The background does sound nice, but the voice sounds bad, compressed and super lossy.  If he weren’t yelling over the drone my guess is it wouldn’t work at all.  We’d hear incomprehensible voice-like sounds.


That said, I LOVE the idea of flying mics around.  In fact I’ve always wanted to do that.  Flying slowly over a crowd pointing straight down has gotta be awesome.  Hearing an explosion from the sky, never heard that.  

I was hoping for “quiet drone” tech…

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I wish someone would put their engineering into creating active noise cancellation for the drone.  An array of mics and speakers that play out of phase noise to cancel out the sound of the propellers from below.  Someday ......


They're pretty vague about their tech, but it looks like a combination of beam forming and active noise processing.

You have to give them some credit though, the mic is really far away from the speaker, and they are still very intelligible.  I would love to hear the raw recording next to the processed.

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