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‘Mono summing’ cable set for IFB distro


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It has taken me a while to realize that my iPhone is going to be the defacto point of origin for location guest IFB going forwards. 
(our days of RJ-11/14 related paraphernalia seem to be over….. not seeing much ‘bakelite’ product out their either!!)


I am including photos of the so-called ‘emergency IFB’ cable distributed by Audio Implements. (I make sure that every crew assigned to live shots has this within quick reach, so we can break off a faulty hard-wired IFB setup, and move the guest/correspondent earpiece assembly to their mobile phone).

If I understand correctly, in this Audio Implements cable, L/R channels are summed, in order to bring the lower iPhone output to a workable level (compared with say a powered amplifier box). This cable is finished with the 2 prongs that seat it into the button amp/in-ear assembly.


Does anyone know if I can buy cable assemblies that do the same summing from the 3.5 mm plug end, but bring it out to say XLR? With this assembly, I could then send out the call to multiple guests - we had 4 in a side-by-side live shot today.


One more thing to ask - what are the relative merits of having active (9v) local amplification (in this case Remote Audio amplifiers with vol control for each guest), vs a driven/amplified signal as it exits the iPhone, then split/distributed to a set of passive volume control units? 

In the latter configuration, I see 2 advantages - there’s another 4 x 9 volt batteries I am not dealing with, and if the guests are struggling to hear the control room, I can start to work on that issue from my position at the mixer bag (boosting the common signal to all of them).


Stay calm! - Grant




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