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Motorola BT100 Multi Bay Chargers

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I'm considering purchasing either the Sound Guys Solutions 4 bay charger, or the Motorola 6 bay charger for BT100 batteries.  I've been calling the usual suspects, but so far haven't been able to find anyone who can say if there is any difference in charging rates between the 2. 

Is anyone here using either / both of these?  What I want to know most is if there is a difference in charging times?  Any other thoughts or opinions are welcome too.

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I have no personal experience with either charger.  

I have been a ham for many years and used Motorola radios, batteries and chargers in the allowed amateur radio frequencies  for most of those years.  I currently have four Motorola radios along with the associated chargers.

My experience has been their products are mostly bullet and idiot proof.  If the price points and specs are similar I would go with the Motorola products every time.


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