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Platform Icon M+ with Scorpio - Controller issues


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Has anyone faced any issues with the Icon Platform M+ Controller while using it with the Scorpio?

Mine freezes at times - Sometimes the shift key stops working and at times the Coms send button freezes and refuses to turn off.

Also, sometimes the entire unit freezes and none of the buttons work - I have to restart the controller for it to start working again.

I have installed the latest firmware on the Scorpio and the Platform M+ but that did not help.

I plan to upgrade to the CL-16 eventually but if anyone has faced similar issues and managed to fixed them, I would love to hear your thoughts.



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Make sure your control surface doesn't have the latest firmware from iCON, but instead has the specific firmware from Sound Devices themselves (head their warning too and don't use MacOS Catalina):



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I have a similar problem using my icon with my scorpio recorder. I have tried three icon controllers and I still have the same issue. It will randomly disconnect during operation or the faders will vibrate or jitter when switching between channel layers and buses. I have tried new usb cables, new power supplies, updating all firmware (sound devices specific version 2.09) and muting all audio to usb output. Still the same problem. It drives me crazy as the icon is otherwise a very useful unit. Any leads much appreciated. TC, Melbourne Australia.

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