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Sennheiser MKE2 Repair

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Sennheiser MKE2 Repair


This MKE2 lavalier microphone had a broken solder joint at the capsule. If the capsule was twisted the signal would go from normal audio to pops and clicks with no audio. I decided to cut away the plastic housing. As expected, one of the solder joints had broken. I soldered the connection and the microphone worked as normal. 

Next I took some strong black nylon thread and wrapped the end of the black cable. I used a “snelling knot” that fishermen use to snell a hook. I wanted the nylon to bite into the cable to help the epoxy hold tightly to the cable. Then I painted on clear 5 minute epoxy, covering the nylon and the solder joint. A second coat of epoxy was done, this time the capsule was rotated to help the epoxy creat a nice round shape. This made a similar durable replacement for the original plastic housing that cut away. The epoxy could have been tinted black with model paints. 

Good luck,


Mark Kirchner 


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