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Renting an SD833 in NYC ?

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For a french documentary shoot in NY we are considering renting locally rather than me bringing my kit from France.


Surprisingly Gotham audio does not provide the Sound devices 8 series on rental.

Any idea where I could rent a documentary  kit based around an 833 in New York city?

The production is french so they must get an invoice without vat (not applicable).


by kit I mean something like that:

833+SL2+ 1 double rx like lectro SRc+2tx like smdb (smqv i think in the USA) or LT +dpa4060 /6060 or cos11.

Schoeps mini Cmit +cinela Cosi, boom vdb L or equivalent Ktek. Shoeps cmc6+mk41+osix. A small stereo set like schoeps ccm8+ccm4 or equivalent. 1ifb tx+2rx. Batteries and power distrib.

Quite urgent, shoot will start on Monday 13th.

Thanks for your inputs 


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On 6/6/2022 at 2:59 PM, Fred Salles said:

Thank you Patrick,

Aaron does not have but Gotham actually answered me that they now do rent the 8 series, it just does not appear on their website 😉


Ah, good to know that Gotham now rents out 8 series recorders. Have a great shoot and best of luck filming here in NYC.

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