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Of times and gear obsolescence...

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35 minutes ago, Vincent R. said:

No M50s, but I have a SM58 with some spit/dna from Alicia Keys, Adele and some other singers in on it, 5000$ sounds about right ;)

Some would clone the SM58, you could clone Alicia Keys!

ask 10x more... 😅

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On 6/12/2022 at 10:22 PM, IronFilm said:

He might have meant that in a positive / complimentary manner? 

Just like if he asked "what mic are you using?" and you replied back with Schoeps CMC641, then he could also respond back with "ah, a classic" to that as well, with absolutely nothing negative implied whatsoever. 

True. But my inner and outer old men took umbrage. 😁

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