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Struggling with Deity BP-TRX


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I recently purchased two pairs of BP-TRX microphones. I'm having a number of issues and I'm trying to determine whether there are issues with the units, or my semi-amateur operation. (I am primarily a camera person)

Some background: I'm using four BP-TRX units as two pairs, connected directly to a Sony FS7. I am using Countryman B3 mics. I am using the self-recording feature on both transmitters.


-Electronic noises on transmitter: I was hearing short bursts of electronic beeping, which i traced back to one of the two transmitters.  These noises exist when monitoring the transmitter through the headphone port, and in the recordings on the MicroSD cards. These noises are also transmitted to the receiver. These noises only occurred on one transmitter, but in multiple locations on different days. I tried switching the transmitter and receiver in the pair, but this did not fix the problem.

- Unexpectedly frequent dropouts: when using the two sets of tx/rx at close range, outdoors (4-5ft) I get sometimes get continuous dropouts. They seemed to be related to the proximity of the transmitter to the subjects body. were ~slightly~ improved by placing the transmitter on the ground.

- Strange phenomenon related to using two mics: after prepping mics the night before, with no issues, I was on location and could only get audio outputting through one of the two sets. Both receivers showed strong RF signal. While troubleshooting, I turned off the mic that WAS outputting audio, and the other mic suddenly started outputting. I turned the original mic back on, and the output on the second mic cut out again. throughout these issues, both receivers showed the correct ID for their transmitters. I re-paired both sets individually which solved the problem.


These units were a recent purchase, and I am motivated to get them working properly because the self-recording feature would be hugely helpful for my work. That said, after using them on four shoots, I'm yet to have a day go smoothly. I'd be enormously grateful for any guidance/wisdom.  Here are some other relevant operating details:


RF power: Auto

Low Cut: 50hz

Freq boost: 5db

input gain: 18db

Micro SD card: Transcend 32gb (per deity recommendation)

Timecode: off

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If i interpret your issue correctly, it sounds like both tx were tuned to the same freq until you repaired.

From the start, turn on one tx and pair it to the reciever. Leave it turned on. Then turn on the second tx and pair that. It will automatically tune past the tx1 freq. Choosing a clean/unoccupied freq.


The reason the receiver showed strong signal from both tx before you retuned is both channels of rx were probably seeing the same one freq.

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What other 2.4GHz equipment do you have your on camera?? As quite frequently there is a lot. (follow focus, wireless video monitors, etc) All of that can severely mess with your receiver that is also on the 2.4GHz band.


Also sounds like you might have pairing issues too, make sure you're setting up each pair independently in their own group for themselves. Would be worthwhile re-reading the manual again on this point, to double check you're following the process right. 

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Thanks @PMC and @IronFilm, I appreciate you taking the time! I think you're correct about the pairing issue.  It would be helpful if the BP-TRX was able to display the channel being used.  I wish I could chalk up the interference to other 2.4ghz devices, but I'm not using any other wireless tech.  The noises were persistent even with everyone's phones set to airplane mode. the fact that the interference was present in the transmitter's recording file makes me suspect that there is some sort of electrical fault in one of the units... 

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