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Straight internal cable mods on Ambient Quickpoles


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I have an older QX5100 that came with internal cabling when I bought it used in like new condition.
I began to like straight internal cabling for various applications but this still brings disadvantages.
Most annoying is the cable management, when you have a TX on the bottom of the boom, but also noise when the cable is bouncing in the boom when fully expanded.

Since the cable that came with it got stuck a lot, mistreated and crincled the boom needed a new cable. The boom was also on a beach catching some blowing sand and it was time for some new velours as it also started to squeak with heavy load.
As all that maintenance was due anyway, I've asked a friend to print me some washer like disks that keep the cable in place.
They do not eliminate cable noises inside the boom as much as expected, but still a bit. What they do well, is guiding the cable when it is pushed out during collapse. I still have to see if the disks hold, but I wanted to share the project with you, even if it turns out to be a failure.








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Cable bounce in the tube vs TX at the mic end of pole. I've wondered how much margin there is for serviceable improvement here too. I was hoping to see a picture of the cable in situ. A light cable would be quieter and keep overall weight down but unless it's made of NASA grade, Unicorn Starquad not sure it would last long in this context. Could woven cable sleeve give a light cable more working life AND cushion the bounce of the cable in the tube?

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IMG_20220616_125439.jpgWell here is the current state in situ. After 1,5 days, I think only the lower two disks have an effect.

It is indeed a starquad Belden 1804A. I've made my experiences on how to treat the cable well. Eventually, I'll have it on a retractable reel. I've been thinking of cotton sleeves, but I think the damping effect is minimal and the stiffening effect would be a lot better with some plastic. But both make the cable thicker, obviously and I might eventually implement a retractable reel, that will prevent the cable hitting the boom issue. 



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