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Boom operators - Cool photos


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I think this is from  either "The Tiger of Eschnapur" 1959 or "The Indian Tomb"1960 (German productions that were later edited together into "Journey to the Lost City") They were both directed by the great Fritz Lang,who returned to Germany to film them at the CCC studios in Spandau,Berlin and on location in Rajasthan,India. Filmed in technicolor, I'd guess this is a Technicolor camera without the magazine mounted. No idea of the microphone....  The DoP was Richard Angst,Swiss born,but worked in Germany before,during and after the war and made propaganda movies for the Nazis! 

I must get out more!


Thank you samsound!

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This is how we did it... One Nagra w a Sela mixer. The radios on this show were for show. All boomed w a Schoeps 41 or a 416. The year was 1984 on a biker movie. This is my 1st son Case visiting me on set in Monrovia California. Everyday was over 90 that summer. Had so much fun on this picture. Everyday was a long slow motion  water balloon fight. Everyone got soaked at one time or another.



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