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Is anyone in LA missing a bag kit?


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I was browsing Ebay for some used gear and came across a post that seems a bit fishy to me. It's a full ENG kit with some older model letros, SD 302, boom pole etc. The poster didn't seem to know much in depth detail about the gear and the price seemed somewhat low to me. The listing location is in LA. Here's a link to the listing. Hopefully I'm wrong and it's legit!! 



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Considering how very old that kit is, and that the person is trying to sell it as a package (always tougher to get a good price for, vs selling it off piece by piece. Specifying "pick up only" will also devalue it), then that price doesn't seem suspiciously odd to me at all. 


In fact, they might struggle a lot to get that price I think! Feels overvalued to me. 


Adding it up:

Sound Devices 302 = $250

Random  Audio Technica shotgun = $100

Knock off boom pole = $50

Illegal frequency Lectro 200 series = $250

Lectro 200 series Blk21 = $450

2x Trams = $150

Tascam DR100 = $100

250+100+50+250+250+450+150+100= $1600

And I feel I've been rather reasonably generous with my estimations of those values I've given. (and the fact it is "pick up only" and tried to be sold all together as a package, means it will devalue it a lot more than if we was internationally selling it off piece by piece)


Now there are other bits and bobs in that kit, which will add up to "something", but I've counted all the main things worth any notable value. So there is no chance in hell they'd all together add up to the nearly extra thousand dollars to make up the $2.5K they're asking for!!

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My thought was that it's most likely a school selling off a learning kit ... that would explain the lack of knowledge about what they are selling, as well as the atrocious boom pole.

I did think the "pick up only" and "maybe both are TRAMs" was a bit sketchy.  It seemed weird that a theft would include the boom pole and all the cable gak ... a grab and run probably wouldn't include those.

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Looks like some sort of ENG kit from the 00's.  Always good to do your due diligence though when purchasing used goods from strangers though.  I got a PSC Solice Mini for "Too good to be true" pricing a while back so before pulling the trigger, I called up PSC directly to see if they thought anything was fishy with the serial # etc etc.  Turns out the deal was legit and some sort of rental place was liquidating inventory.

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