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Just in case you lost yours....

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I remember using Scotch 808 (Was that the thicker tape?  Less print through.) and some Ampex but that number escapes me.  I didn't do too much research.  Just used what my fellows were using, sent the Nagra to Dan Dugan, he sent it back ready to rock.



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I never had to adjust bias settings as the renting companies were doing it for the tape they were selling us (468 most of the times -BASF- we were in CCIR norm in France)
I never had to change tape type during a shoot. That might have been disturbing. I only did shorts  as hod that time but as an assistant I do not recall anyone mentioned they ever did. Did you ever use different tape types for a same film?  

Now the 4.2 I own was set by Nagra France for the tape stock I still have (BASF SM468) so I think I will pass that challenge forever 😅

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