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Record directly to MacOS using BoomRecorder

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I'm retiring and selling my Production recording and playback cart.  For the last 10 years I have recorded directly to computer.....at last.  It has proven to be extremely high quality, stable and very flexible.  I used my highly modified Neve 5422 mixing console with Waves L2 hardware Ultramaximizers for digital recording for a number of years, initially to DAT for digital storage.  The Waves Ultramaximizers A to D hardware converters and processors allowed me to exceed the best quality recordings I had made using modified Nagras, providing better dynamic range and fidelity and, of course, no print through or HF headroom distortion.  After years of following the development of digital mixing consoles, they finally matured to the point where the quality, latency and flexibility allowed me to move from my Neve to a Midas M32R.  I was very impressed with the mic pre quality of the Midas, 32 track recording and overall exceptional quality and routing flexibility.  I worked to make the reliability of the portable recording system bulletproof and to warn immediately if there was an issue.  I did not use a backup recorder as if the digital front end failed, what good is a backup.  This only is viable with an analog console.


Check the "Want To Buy, Want To Sell" section for a link to my equipment sale listing.  I will be adding items, many of them custom equipment solutions designs over the near future.  My compatible portable rig, SD664 based, will also be parted and going up for sale soon.


For many years, my radio mic systems were Audio Ltd. based.  As the location frequency choices available in major cities lessened, I moved to Shure UHF radio mic systems after much testing.  At the time, the Lectros had too much latency and filedity artifacts and were, in my view, lower audio fidelity than both the Audio Ltd and high end Shures.  Because of the uncertainty of available RF space, the Shures were much more practical.  Having the Shure Workbench on the computer made location analysis and application preset templates easy to implement.  The Shure high-gain adjustable antenna and RF distro amps work very well for reliable radio mic work, both protably and on the studio production cart.  I have used DPA lavs for many years.


Let me know if you have any equipment needs or questions.

Nelson Stoll


Check the listings, descriptions and photos!



2017-Midas mix cart on TES-cropped-1250.jpg

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