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LED walled stages


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Hello all, any sage advice out there re LED walled stage acoustics? Only experience I have with them is vehicle interiors so interested to know what acoustic treatments others have used when in open set mode. Thinking baffle boards on wheels, ways to rig them between lamps / above the LED walls etc.
Thank you,
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I didn't have too many issues with acoustics on one here in LA other than because they wanted to showcase the technology, they constantly wanted to do very wide shots which rendered the boom rather useless / my boom op giving me a look of "And I am here today on set why?".  Hopefully they give you shots where you can get the boom in there.  The wall itself kind of has a slight fan noise although it didn't seem overpowering.  I was worried I'd get a lot of RF hits due to the wall but didn't have any issues with that either.  Very Impressive technology though which I'm sure we are going to see more and more of and overall as it is way easier than location shooting.

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