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WrineX NP50 Chargers exists officially 1 year, lets celebrate!


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Hi there since my tiny company exists 1 year i thought its a good time to celebrate that with you guys that made it all possible !!! lets post it here first!

Since material prices went up a lot, i had to increase the selling prices a month ago by 25 euro :( , but i made sure for the celebration you still have a small discount even compared with the old prices. 

The NP 508 8 bay charger will sell with a 10% discount and will set you back 337.50 euro Ex VAT ex shipping compared to the current price of 375 Euro + a free pig tale to be used on a cart battery.
The NP 5016 16 bay charger will sell for 607.50 ex VAT ex shipping compared to 675 + a free pig tale to be used on a cart battery.

For more info about the chargers you can check out  www.wrinex.com or contact me by mail facebook or the message system over here.
A charger can be ordered by mail info@wrinex.com or check out my website.

Thank you all for your interest and support, over the year !  it was a great one !!!




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