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Lectro DSQD Newbie RF Issue

Jason Walle

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A little background first... I have been using UCR411s for a few years and had 6 of them in a larger ORCA bag running into an Audio Wireless antenna distro unit and that distro was using a pair of Betso Bowties.  Great setup.  Always found clean channels.   I had 2 UCR411s in Block 470, 2 of them in Block 19 and 2 of them in Block 20.   That gave me a little more flexibility if one block was more congested than another and I didn't need to run all 6 at the same time.  All transmitters I use are Lectro LTs in the A1 band.


I just bought a DSQD to go in my bag and reduce a lot of clutter and some weight and get current with Lectro tech.   I can now use Wireless Designer, which is great but I'm getting a lot more RF noise when doing scans vs my 411s and I have no idea why.   If  I scan A1/B1 on the DSQD I don't really have anything clean under 20 dBuv.   On the same channel on my UCR411 it's super clean - like nothing on the scan.   I'm using the same Betso Bowties as before.  Same short LMR-240-UF Ultraflex Cables from DSQD to the Bowties. 


See photos here - same channel on both the UCR411 and the DSQD.  Way different scan results.   Standard whips on the UCR411 for this test.


Any suggestions?








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Hi Karl - Yes, Gerald is awesome to work with.  Phone call, various emails.   I told him I know "you're doing your job" but to have that level of help until it was resolved is why I'm a Lectro guy for life.


This is just an FYI for those that may have a similar experience switching from UCR411s to DSQDs.   There is definitely a little more "noise" pickup on the DSQD but not nearly as much as I originally thought.  It was 95% just a matter of the scales being very different.  I thought they were the same so seeing 2x or 3x the levels had me worried at first.

The left is a UCR411 scale. It is 2x roughly up to 10 and then jumps a lot.


1uV = 0dBuV
10uv = 20 dBuV
100uV = 40 dBuV
1000uV = 60 dBuV




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