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Sennheiser ASA 1 - Antenna Splitter 2x1:4 + Lectrosonics Venue Receiver Master


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Hello, maybe the question will seem stupid, but let me ask. Can I use the Sennheiser ASA 1 - Antenna Splitter 2x1:4 to combine my Sennheiser G4 SKP500 plug-on receiver with the Lectrosonics Venue Receiver 1 . My goal is to use common antennas for both. What worries me is that on the BNC connectors for Antennas A on ASA 1, 12 volts current flows to power Sennheiser receivers, and if I plug this into the Lektrosonics, could it damage it?

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You only mentioned the Venue and one Sennheiser receiver.  If that is all you have, then I would just feed the Sennheiser from the antenna out port on the venue, as long as the frequency band of the Sennheiser and the VRM overlap.  If you are using the ASA1 to power the Sennheiser receiver then you should be able to just power the receiver directly instead.


I think only Lectrosonics could give you a definitive answer about your actual question, but:

* If the Venue is jumpered to provide power to an antenna then bad things would happen as the two power supplies "fight" against each other.

* If the Venue is not jumpered to power an active antenna, then probably the Venue would be OK.  The same circuitry that would block the Venue's own power output from being a problem to the RF input would probably also block the Sennheiser power coming in.

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