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How to export iXML metadata file?

Fred Salles

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Hello all,

Does anyone know how to export an iXML file (if there is such a thing) from our wav files ? ( bwf file actually)

An editor just told me he can import iXML file in Final Cut X and reconnect the metadata with my audio files that do not have notes yet in their metadata since he has the daily backup of a documentary (I write the notes and full sound report after the shoot on a documentary).

I never heard of such a thing. Would be quite a great tool for workflow between prod and post if you could just import data like notes and track names, without changing anything else (like TC...).




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14 hours ago, PMC said:

Sound Devices WaveAgent can read/edit/export bEXT and iXML data from BWF very easily.


('Gotta ask, people are still using Final Cut?)

Same as Vincent, I do not see any way to export bEXT nor iXML.


It seems so for FCPX.


Thank you Henri and Vincent for your help.

Henri your link is a full insight of the implementation of the iXML protocol. It confirms iXML is indeed just a protocol, there is no such thing as iXML file.

Only XML that could probably embed/convey all iXML metadata like the soft Vincent tried and demonstrated. I am installing it right now, that could be a solution.


Ok unfortunately it wont run on my PC, but after reading their webpage, on paper it does seem like BWF meta edit is a solution, limited but a solution, if the editor has it on his machine too. Theoretically, after writing my sound report on Wave Agent I could export the core iXML in a XML from an audio file and the editor could import these metadata to his same file. Unfortunately it does not seem to do it in batch, so doing it one by one will take longer than upload and download the files again.

Something to explore then.

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I don't get it.
iXML is plain XML, but since the entry needs 4 digits, an i is added to make it 'intelligent'...
Ripping it from a BWF file and saving it as XML is quite simple.


For adding metadata, does FCP support XMP? If so, that is not too hard to implement either.


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