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Lectrosonics smwb/E01-C1 firmware

Alexander Romanov

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There appear to be several hardware revisions of the SMWB, and there are stern warnings to not to use the wrong firmware and/or bootloader for the version you have.  So doing anything out of the ordinary is risky.  Only Lectrosonics knows enough to tell you if it will work for your particular unit.  The problem with that is that even if they know, they would not be allowed to tell you it will be OK.  The NA compatibility modes were always illegal in Europe, and even in the US, where we are allowed to still use them on older equipment, as of October 13, 2018 it is illegal to manufacture new equipment to that older spec.


That leaves experimentation at your own risk as the only option.  Personally I would not risk bricking a SMWB to find out.  So the safest thing to do is to use the transmitter as is and match the receiver settings to it.  The latest receiver firmware can support either NA, EU or NU (which as far as I have read is identical to EU).

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20 hours ago, BAB414 said:

Call lectro and have someone do it over the phone with you.

I just re-read my post and it comes across as if there is no hope.  That's not what I meant to convey - absolutely call and ask.  Or email if you must considering the time difference.  Lectro will help if they can, and if they can't they'll tell you that.

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