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IEM, custom mold


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I have a client that is recording some 40 video podcasts over the next 6 months or so in a studio on a virtual set.  All of the guests are viewed and heard via Zoom.  I am micing him and using a Comtek with the typical curly in the ear, news reporter style for him to hear the Zoom audio.  We just finished the first six episodes this week.  I have about 25 days before the next recording session.

The presenter is ok with the one size fits many ears, but not loving it.  I suggested we go with an audiologist molded earpiece.  What I am lacking is a company that would take that mold and make a single IEM.  Plenty of musician molded earpieces out there in the hundreds of dollars to several thousand.  

So does anyway have some names of companies that can make single IEM?



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I 've walked into hearing aid shops maybe 20 years ago and they all would do it for around 150€ per ear back then, but needed to send it to some workshop with the system I would need them with, either electric or with a "soundhose". 

However, it seems, your client does not need the main feature of ear molds, environment noise supression. 

Ear molds are quite comfortable to wear, but last only around 2 years as your ears grow all your life. 

I recently got a bubblebee sidekick in stereo for booming, as I want maximum transparency and comfort to wear.

They should be quickly available from the usual suspects, are a bit pricey but a very useful thing to have, not only for IFB.

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