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Multichannel ambiences

Jason Nightall

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Both I guess, Jason. At best, I would go out and record specific to the picture (try to find a location and set mics up to match what's up on the screen), particularly with 3+ channels. It's good when you 'clinch' it. Although a good recording usually has a life well beyond its original.


Most recording however has focused on getting the necessary - stuff where library / 2nd unit recordings aren't good enough or simply don't exist - and a lot of this can be mono, let alone less than multichannel. Though I have recorded specifically multichannel FX, foley and ambience on occasion.


And, like you said, I've gone back (and colleagues have) and 'created' 4.0 / 5.0 beds out of 2.0 recordings.


The best and most satisfying way to source is to go out and record tho' - although it can be an expensive prospect (for production or oneself).


Jez Adamson

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