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Lectro SRa5p weak receiving


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Hi, I've got a second hand SRa5p on block 28.

Unfortunately it seems to not work very well, both channels have weak distance coverage.

Beyond 4/5 meters it doesn't work, after 2 mt. it degrades quickly. Within antenna or not, nothing changes. 

On a different UCR211, by the same freq, same transmitter, same conditions it works fine. (Look at picture, transmitter farther than 6mt.)


I'm daily using SM and LM, they both work very well when used on my Venue.


I tried inverting freq, I opened to check if SMA antenna connectors are regularly welded ( I remember in the past there was some welding issues with first series), but seems fine.


I've got also a problem with channel 2 output level, with tone generator on (both out level at +4dBu) , the actual level on CH2 is less than -10db , on channel 1 is correctly +4dBu. (see second picture)


Anybody have experience on this?





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