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Just discovered 'From the basement' a British TV show/webcast on Sky Arts here in the UK. It's an old school type of performance show, with no presenter or audience, just the band in a studio. It's produced by Nigel Godrich who has produced numerous albums for the likes of Radiohead, Pavement, U2, etc., he also records the sound for the show. It's a bit like the BBC's 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' from the 1970s but without 'Whispering' Bob Harris.

Anyway, check out this link to see a great performance of Radiohead's Staircase from The King of Limbs album - http://www.fromthebasement.tv/home

Also, The Dead Weather - http://www.fromthebasement.tv/live absolutely blowing the roof off with four tracks from Horehound.


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We parted one dusk with tears in our eyes

our love was meant to be torn in two pieces

It hurts when i think about the beautiful nights

when you were giving me sweet-sweet promises, kisses and caress

With eagerness and pain in my heart i wait

that one day you might return again in my arms.

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I forgot about this great thread!

These guys set up a bunch of mics and recorded for a month. I think it helped out a bit that the drummer is a professional studio mixer. Very inspiring to see new music created with the tools of today, and I'm not talking about just programming but iphones and ipads and tambourines.

::) Awesome creativity in the record.

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Swedish folk group Väsen has been performing traditional Swedish music for more than twenty years.

Fascinating instrument: "Front and center in the band’s music is the nyckelharpa, played by Johansson (who says the best approximation of his last name is “you want some”).

The instrument dates back to the 14th century, if not earlier. It looks a bit like a long skinny fiddle with keys on one side.

'It’s a very resonating instrument, full of many sympathetic strings ringing along,' says Johansson. 'It’s a kind of sound with an edge to it, a sparkle of overtones when you’re playing.'

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played by Johansson (who says the best approximation of his last name is “you want some"

'You hand some' is closer :) nyckelharpa is cool. It's our banjo sort of. The ultimate Swedish folk instrument. Jeff, if you like Väsen i could give you tips on more similar artists. There is one that's a bit more experimental and some real traditional ones.

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