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Some of you may have been introduced, er exposed, to LMFAO at the Super Bowl halftime show. The lead singer Red Foo was the one carrying Madonna around on his shoulders. They first had a hit with the "classic" Party Rock Anthem, and their second hit is the sing-a-long, "I'm Sexy and I know It." BTW, Red Foo is the son of none other than Barry Gordy, the mastermind behind Motown Records.

Here's a cover band, of Jimmy Fallon doing his spot on Neil Young impersonation, and Bruce Springsteen, singing "Sexy and I Know It."


Jimmy Fallon is rapidly becoming the best thing in late night television, IMHO

that is brilliant.shame i am going to hear the original at least 3 times a day for the next few weeks. sung along to by a bunch of drunk men/boys who genuinely believe this song is about them.

spring break anyone?

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On every level.

What a recording. What a song. I like your music posts Vasileios. I love a groove. I love simple and complex, but what I love the best is feeling music. Cheers, or what ever the Greek equivalent is.


This music every time make me happy.

I like to hear it in morning. After this I have a smile in upon my face all the day. Make my day this music.

And when to go to work everything is easy.


Thank you for good words!

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That song makes Greenbaum over 100k a year in royalties and licensing. On a good year over 300k. Proving content is king and worth a lot of money if you don't sign away your creation. A one hit wonder who won a jack pot.


100k or 300k for one year?


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