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Washington Square

"Washington Square" is the title of a popular instrumental from 1963 by the New York City-based jazz group The Village Stompers.

Named after the famous park in New York City, "Washington Square" became a hit single in November 1963, when it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, kept from the summit by Dale and Grace's hit song "I'm Leaving It Up to You" during the week that Kennedy was assassinated. It did, however, top the Billboard Easy Listening chart for three weeks that November and made the top 30 on the Billboard R&B chart. In addition, the song was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Instrumental Theme.

Other artists have recorded the song, sometimes as a vocal track. Among these acts are The Ames Brothers (their last national chart record), the Kirby Stone Four, Percy Faith, Lawrence Welk, Kenny Ball, Spike Jones, James Last, Andre Kostelanetz, Kai Winding, The Ventures, Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra, and The Dukes of Dixieland.

"Washington Square" shares the same metre as many popular hymns, known as 86.86D or CMD [Common Metre doubled]. In the 1970s, some churches were singing hymns such as "The Lord Is My Shepherd" and "Amazing Grace" to the tune.

Original version


Chinese Man version

James Last version

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Jackson Browne - For America

Jackson Browne is one of the artists I'm not really responsible of listening to; my mother always played his music and this album in particular (Lives in the Balance from 1986). Although America in some respects have become a better place (?) it still feels like these songs are written now and not almost 30 years ago.

So my mother forced me, in a way, to listen to him, but as I grew up I still quite enjoy it!


The song Lives in the Balance has always been one of those songs that just doesn't grow old.. Can't find a link now, but listen to the lyrics and apply it to today and it doesn't feel off at all.

But. his best work is of course Fountain of Sorrow. A beautiful song about lost love and the pains from it.

And yes I've heard about him being a wifebeater... But IMHO it doesn't really matter if the music is any good. It's the same with Michael Jackson. His horrendous actions (if he indeed did commit them) doesn't make his fantastic music (and dance) any worse...

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Thanks for the clip, Rich. I've seen interviews with Brian Wilson where he talks about the Wrecking Crew and how important they were in translating his ideas into songs. There's also a bunch of clips on YouTube that illustrate how songs like "Good Vibrations" and Wilson's other gems were made. I'll fish around for some when I have a minute.

"Surfer Girl," "God Only Knows," "In My Room" and Brian Wilson's other great songs still thrill me today. It's a shame he has suffered so much due to his illness but I still regard him as a giant of American popular music.

Best regards,


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Thanks Rich! You know it's funny, most of the drummers on my high school were always more inspired or awed by the sorts of drum solos that are just technically very impressive or extremely hard; like some Dave weckl stuff for example.

Me, I've always been more impressed with those drummers that can keep a grove, and make it swing like hell and still keep it together and not go showing off how fast they can play. That stuff that Jeff does right there, is really advanced, in a simple way. Cus, you have to keep that groove for 5 minutes. Many drummers miss that IMO.


And let me elaborate... John Bonham, to me, was the greatest drummer there ever was. He could play all these amazing grooves, keep that ferocious feeling, not being overly advanced rather just keeping it simple and well sounding.

And why yes that goes for all of zeppelin btw.

Whenever I turn on a zeppelin song I think to myself "if I said this song is from 2011, no one would probably think I was lying".

Dont agree? Listen to any contemporary "rock" band. Then turn on any zeppelin song.

Edit 2:

Just had to watch some dave weckl stuff, and well. He's amazing. But it's... Too perfect. Too me, tone and emotion will always be greater than style and grace. Even though the latter is more appealing.

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Neil knows how to write songs. I remember many 1st times I heard a song. The feeling has stayed with me all these years. I feel it every time I hear "Like a Rolling Stone", "House of the Rising Son", "Sgt Peppers", and hundreds of others. They say one should write what they know. Neil knows music and the times he grew up and were a part of. Seems like a natural topic for a song. Can't wait to hear it.


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I'm not sure if this has been put up here before, but this live version Matt Corby does of his song 'Brother' is incredible. Song starts at 1:24 if you don't want to listen to the short intro about the song.

And he is a lovely guy! I had him ride around in my car with me while we were shooting the One Night Stand in Dalby this year. The performance he gave on that night was awesome as well

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Didn't go through all of this mammoth thread, so my apologies if its been said before. Florence and the Machine. Check this show out...


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