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Thanks, Jim!

I had seen bits and pieces of the American Folk Blues Festival shows, but this is great.

I highly recommend Big Mama Thornton's "Hound Dog" that opens volume 3 - it's just great. I've seen some of Muddy Waters from these programs, but I'm excited to see the works. There's also very little film footage of Willie Dixon performing live and he's featured on a couple of tunes and evidently plays bass on a few more.

Best regards,


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One more, if you'll indulge me.


Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell have made music together for well over 40 years. She's country music royalty not only for her long career, but because of her connection to Gram Parsons. He's part of a family with real roots music connections. Guy Clark wrote a song about his father. He's also related to Johnny Cash by marriage and lived to tell the tale.


They were both part of the Hot Band.


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I'm happy that two of my favorite DJ's here at KWEX are both named Jim and IMO have great taste in music that syncs with my taste so well. Not a put down of any other DJ on our station, just a shout out to the JIMs. As much as I follow and enjoy music I'm happy to discover new or overlooked bands here and that happens a lot from all who contribute to the station. This is one of my favorite parts of our group. We may toil in different arenas and differ on politics and what not but most of us agree that music was and is a major influence that got us to where we are today. Thanks to all who listen.


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