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Sophocles Antigone



What it is "Sophocles Antigone": Antigone (/ænˈtɪɡən/ an-TIG-ə-nee, Ancient Greek: Ἀντιγόνη) is a tragedy by Sophocles written in or before 441 BC. Chronologically, it is the third of the three Theban plays but was written first. The play expands on the Theban legend that predated it and picks up where Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes ends. More info here.


The recitation it's only from one actor. Yeap. That's the interesting. He play alone. Did you hear the difference between "voice" and "voice"? That is happened because the actor he play different role. From Antigone play Ismene and from Ismene play Creon and more. I have a friend of mine who watched live this performance. He told me it is the most amazing ancient Greek theatre performance who have watch. Also did you hear the "tik tik tik"? That it is for the tempo (not for the music).


What is that language? It's ancient Greek. Not the newly Greek language. Basically 95% I can't understand what he say. I can recognize some words. The preparation of that performance began two year back before performance.


I found it interesting for sound. Enjoy


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I've been working off and on since late February with John Paulson, who made Les Paul - Chasing Sound which you might have seen on American Masters, recorded by our own Bob Sullivan, "Frogpole" on this group. Seeing Les at the Iridium is one of my favorite evenings of music ever.  Letting his 98th birthday pass without noting it would be wrong.

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Happy 71st birthday to Sir Paul. 


Billy Preston performs with the Beatles here in the rooftop concert from January 30, 1969, the band's last public appearance. Preston, just 22 at the time, received label billing on the "Get Back" single—the only musician ever to receive that acknowledgment on an official Beatles release.



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