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Something different.


Bill Fontana (1947) - Field Recordings (1983)


Total time 42:51

LP released by Sierra Club, San Francisco, CA, 1983

Just like Bill Fontana‘s sound installations often displaced sounds from one location to an other (like Kirribilli Wharf, 1976 ; Brooklyn Bridge, 1983 ; Golden Gate Bridge, 1987), the recordings on this LP transplant environmental sounds into the listener’s home, thus creating the feeling of estrangement typical from Fontana’s other works.

As opposed to other field recordists like Paul Schwartz, Jean-C. Roché or Boris Nikolayevich Veprintsev, Fontana obviously used a number of microphones and careful studio mixing to achieve a wide soundstage and complex, multilayered soundscapes. As a consequence, in these field recordings, some sounds seem to come from far away yet are heard very clearly – in #2, for instance. Somehow like in Michael Snow’s film La Région Centrale, the spectator is afforded a 360° view of the landscape, as well as an incredible level of details. In this regard, these field recordings sound like no other. -- Continuo



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Hey, Jim

Danny took long breaks from playing out, mostly to build cars and he wasn't playing in the clubs much when you were here. He also worked as a guitar tech at Ike Papas's shop below Dupont Circle. He played a lot of dives, like Gallagher's, Clancy's, Club Soda, that bar by the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, MD and Chick's Surf Club. A little more about his life, although he did die in 1994, not 1995 as the article reports.


I've posted this before, it was edited to remove the sax solo by the original poster on Youtube. The camera work is pretty awful, but "Sleepwalk" is Danny at and to his core:

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