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Testing RF performance-- how?


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I am putting together some new tools that i really want to pressure test to get an idea of overall performance...


So the question for the group is how would you test RF performance--  not just range, but vulnerability to adjacent RF troublemakers.  Walkies- Video TX.. other transmitters..

Tools i am working with ..  DSQD- SRCs(A1), HM/SM TXs(A1+B1), PSC sixpack, Wisycom LFA-B-2 s,  I'' grab some walkies, and a terradek too..     Wondering how you would simulate 

your RF reception nightmare-- fun:)!  OR is it not really possible to do a reasonable test without putting it all together on a working set...  ?






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Here's a link that shows you how to do some simple tests, a few of them are quite telling:

https://www.lectrosonics.com/wireless-faq/audio-tests.html   Click on the links in the page to get more knowledge depth on each test.

Past these "simple tests" and using some interfering devices described by John Gooch above, you are at the mercy of the company building the wireless. Here's where you hope they have tested the wireless devices under beastly conditions and/or sent out enough beta test units to find subtle problems.

Best Regards,

Larry Fisher 

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