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Live Simultaneous Recorded Translation


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A last-minute job in Nepal just came up requiring a recorded live translation setup. 

Many years ago, I did a similar arrangement in sit-down interview scenarios that didn't require recording the live translation. Inelegant at best, using a Shure FP22 headphone amp, a desktop PTT microphone and a couple of Comtek 72mHz systems.

The Nepal job has asked for a verite solution. Literally, a walk and talk, as well as a sit-down interview arrangement. Like a roving "UN translation" setup. 


I'll have my SD 633, two Comtek 216mHz systems and Lectro wireless mics with the possibility of one Sony wireless system with a headphone out, along with two Sennheiser G3 wireless systems.

I'll also have a SD Mix-Pre 3 as a backup and possible recording device.

I have a few Tascam DR-10CS mini audio recorders wired for either Sennheiser or Lectro TA5 mics that I can throw into the mix.

I could also pull the old 72mHz Comteks out, if need be.

I have a gaming headset with a mic and a 3.5mm split audio/mic cable for the translator, so that he/she can hear my mixed audio feed and send the live translation back.


I've been playing around with various solutions, but nothing seems terribly practical in the field. There'll be three miked principals and a boom. 

Any new thoughts on how to solve this in a more elegant way?


Thanks in advance!

Dave Wendlinger

San Francisco, CA

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Heya Dave-- so 1 translator live-translating everything at once??    If verite they'd have to stay pretty far off from you to not be heard on the talent mics?

You could certainly wire the translator, send them a submix of of the talent mics on whatever wireless system you use for client monitoring (Comtek) and

drop their wireless on an unused channel that isn't in the submix going out to them. 

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