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SD A20 Nexus


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On 12/8/2022 at 3:25 PM, Michael Wynne said:

Thanks for sharing, nice to see a real photo of this that isn''t in a moody RGB dungeon with haze! LOL 🙂



Hi Michael,


Thank you for your comment and sorry for not giving an update. Didn't had the opportunity to play A-20 + Nexus at Visono in Sweden, due to heavy schedule. Planning to change a base from Athens to Stockholm or Oslo. 🙂


Happy to see it in action from other user and loved your tests so far with A-20.


Thank you, Tack, Takk
Vasileios A.

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I had the chance to play with a Nexus and a A20 mini today at my local reseller. I tried everything i could try with the unit in stand alone mode and one transmitter and i must say i am very impressed! 

The pairing was done very quickly, the A20 mini reacts very fast to the commands you give it through the Nexus. Even when you made changes with the bluetooth app, the changes were instantly reflected on the Nexus and vice versa. The RTSA works perfectly and i can totally see it become a very useful tool on a set for me in the future. The speed the Nexus makes the transmitter change frequencies as well as turning on and off is very impressive. 

I couldn't really test the range of the A20 mini and Nexlink but from within an office through a couple room the Nexus kept a perfect Nexlink as well as RF, but that was to be expected.

The user interface is very user friendly and the learning curve is very fast. I got the hang of it within 10 minutes. The screens and very bright, although i didn't test them in direct sunlight and the touch screen is very reactive (pretty much like a smartphone or better a smart watch which i think the screen come from). I would definitely put a glass protector on them even if the screens are made of gorilla glass, it's always easier to replace a screen protector than a screen itself.

I wish i could have tried to dock it to a 8 serie but unfortunately i could only try it in stand alone mode.


Overall very impressed by it. I could totally see the whole system integrate on my cart and bag setup.

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4 hours ago, Patrick Tresch said:

It has the same width than a SX-R4+ 😉 but I wonder how much power draw it has when used in the 8 RX configuration? Is it 20W?


  • DC input, 10 to 18V in, 3A minimum at 6.5 VDC
  • 11 W idle, default configuration


Way less than 20W. About 12W.

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Hi Mark


Traded in my Wisycom MCR54/4 x MTP60's and Sound Devices A-20 RX with SL-2 for the Nexus.

I have been using it for about a week with 6 x TX's (3 x double battery and 3 x single).


K-Tek Stingray bag

Wisycom ADFA x 2


Thoughts... Works as advertised. Push one button and a moment later the TX's are allocated their best frequencies. The Nexlink control over the TX's is solid. Gain Forward is also a game changer.  

Sing out if you need any more info.


Eggs in one basket...I did that when I had a 4 x receiver unit in an SL-2, the same when I had SRC's with its 2 x channels. I'm just glad I'm not carrying around 6 x Lectro 411's.






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