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Recording little furry creatures...


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A few years ago, I made contact with a sound recordist called Dmitry Chernov, who was developing a series of sound effects libraries that were rather different in their content and his approach. I bought two of his Northern Europe libraries and when, for another show, I needed some very specific wolf sounds, Dmitry came up trumps again. We've corresponded regularly, usually when he needs to find English equivalents for Russian terms, and our latest exchange was in regard to Guinea Pigs and the sounds they make. He's written a very interesting and enjoyable blog about that session which you can find here:




Give it a read, if you like, and I can highly recommend his other libraries. Also, regardless of what you might think about the current situation in Ukraine, he's one of the Russian good guys and a thoroughly nice chap.

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Thanks for posting this John! I noticed that his 4 previous posts were about his recording wolves, which I'm looking forward to reading through when I get the time to do so. Out of interest I also recorded (and attempted to record) several different wolf and wolf pack sounds several years ago for a feature. I recorded the wolves managed by Hungarian Zoltan 'the Wolf Man' (he had a tv show about him sometime later on...), wolves which had already featured in the film. 'Getting to know' the 4 year olds (= 'teenagers') was an adrenaline experience, and the various, often ridiculous, methods I came up with with the handlers to get different sounds was highly entertaining. I'm looking forward to comparing notes ...


Cheers, Jez

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