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Redco TSG-1 vs TSG-D1

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I have been using Redco TSG-1 cable for audio bag interconnections for a number of years based off of Eric Toline’s recommendation.

I’m going to be connecting AES wireless to a Sound Devices XL-AES and see that Redco now carries a digital cable TSG-D1. 
I’m wondering if this is a different cable from the TSG-1 and if I can just use the non-digital cable on a very short run?

I’ll probably call Redco but they aren’t open until Tuesday. 

Any ideas? Thanks. 

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The TGS digital cable has a lower conductor to conductor capacitance. That can play a significant difference dependant on signal frequency and length of run. 


Likely better to query Sound Devices for your use case.

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I will say from my personal experience i used to be a hyper-stickler about analog cable for analog and digital cable for digital but as long as your making cables for bag or cart not 25’ or long cables etc i have found that standard analog cable works perfect for digital runs. I used mogami thin cable for multi pin digital i/o 24” max and zero issues

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