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Equipment labels, Asset tags and your preferred vendor

Phil Palmer

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Rather than bumping a thread from 2013 I figured starting new might be in order.  The source for my mylar/foil/laminated labels has gone away from years ago and I've gone through several orders of very bad replacements.  I do a simple Name/Phone/Location on my labels, with no barcode.  My inventory is done a different way (spreadsheets, etc).  Need a new source.  Who do you use for labels and how has the label performed?  


Thanks all...


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I've been happy enough with Maverick Label (and ordered more last week). And note that they offer asset tags in different materials. They write:



Typical materials are white polyester, metalized matte silver polyester, security silver polyester, destructible reflective vinyl, or LexSaver®plus.
For simple, indoor use we have popular White Polyester Asset Tags. These are the most affordable indoor property ID labels available and no one prices or prints them as well as we do.
When you need property ID labels for outdoor use, check out our exclusive LexSaver®plus Asset Tags which are a durable and affordable alternative to metal. If you feel that metal is the best fit for your application, then you should order 8-mil Anodized Metal Asset Tags which should give you many years of outdoor and harsh environment use.


But I'd guess that's a brand you're familiar with. Did they not work for you? And I'd be happy to hear other's recommendations and experiences.


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On 1/14/2023 at 6:57 PM, RunAndGun said:

Which of the labels did you order?  Foilguard, Permaguard or Alumaguard?


I've done Foilguard before and they do not last at all, nothing like the video on their site.  I jumped to the Alumaguard and they are essentially metal name plates that bend and do not store well.  They are ok upon application but they still bend.  Expensive and not really good for curved surfaces.

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