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Jeff Wexler

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I am asking that those members that feel they can afford it to donate a small amount of money to help me with the costs of maintaining this Discussion Group site and CinemaSound. I have been able to manage on my own for the last 5 years to keep these sites up and running, upgrading the software that powers this forum, upgrading my server accounts, routine and some not so routine maintenance, but I could use some help now.

I am asking for a donation of $10.00 (US) on a yearly basis to keep all this going. This is totally voluntary and no one should fear that either of these great sites will be taken down if no one donates. I am asking for $10.00 but any amount will be appreciated and I am confident that enough people will donate that we can keep these sites going without a yearly donation; your donation now is a one time thing, not a yearly subscription.

Donations can be made through PayPal Donation button on the main page or with this LINK 
Thank you all for your continuing support and for making this site the great community it has become.

- Jeff Wexler

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Oh, Paypal once again, and too soon. (read my post asking for help in the equipmet section)... I am going to grind my Paypal account into the dirt with my well booted heel very soon. If there's any other way Jeff, I'll do the needful immediately. :)


Sorry, Vin, even though I know I don't need to apologize for how badly PayPal handles some things. I will consider that you have donated and we'll let it ride. I certainly wouldn't want any of our esteemed members to lose money on this because of PayPal ineptness handling international transactions.

So, Vin, you're good. When and if I need some more help I will figure a way to make it happen. Everyone else has already been very generous, many donations coming in moments after I made the appeal.

Thank you to ALL!

-  Jeff Wexler

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No Jeff, I decided i am going to revive this paypal account of mine, make this one transaction and then end it all for good. please don't close YOUR paypal account before this! ;)

i wish there was an alternative to paypal that was not as fishy as their message that told me 'your account may have been compromised, so we are going to put you through a shit wormhole, and even if you want to close your account, you will still have to crawl through to do so...'

All in the name of security (if they were so good with it, there should be no compromising situation in the first place!)...

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Hi Jeff,

I'm happy to donate also but I dont have a paypal account (and I dont really want to open one).

Is there another way I can donate?

I'm in Australia as you know.

Let me know.


Peter Mega

Thank you so much, Peter, and also to everyone else who stepped up to the plate moments after I made the request. I am looking into alternatives to PayPal, particularly after hearing about the pretty outrageous treatment of Vin, our buddy from India. In the meantime, I think you can use your credit card and put it through PayPal, I don't think you have to have a PayPal account.

Feel free to wait until I find another method if you don't want to get mixed up with PayPal. I know you are true supporter and an active participant, so no worries.

-  Jeff Wexler

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Jeff, PayPal is your best bet.  And you are correct... you don't need a  PayPal account in order to pay with PayPal.  Any credit card will do, as  long as you hunt around for the link that lets you bypass the PayPal  login.  See image...




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